We keep our prices competitive regardless of how you are looking to fund your next car. At The Kent Vehicle Group we pride ourselves in offering transparent and impartial advice on all makes, models and funding methods.

  • Conditional Sale, also known as HP, this product will give you ownership at the end of the agreement once the final payment has been made. This product is great if you want to own a car, or if you are unsure on how many miles pa you may travel.
  • Personal Contract Hire, otherwise known as PCH. Fixed hire of a vehicle from 12 months - 48 months, fixed mileage (set by you). Though the rentals you pay are inclusive of road tax, they are not inclusive of maintenance costs. However, you can take a policy fully maintained which will give you the service and servicing items included in the rentals. Some maintained policies may also cover tyres. There is a mileage limit as set by you at the start of the agreement. This mileage is fixed. Therefore, if you do travel over the given mileage by the end of the contract, you will be responsible for your pence per mile charge as stated on your contract. You are responsible for ensuring the vehicle is kept in line with the BVRLA fair wear and tear conditions (please ask a member of the team).
  • Business Contact Hire, only available to business’ and known as BCH. Fixed hire of a vehicle mirroring PCH, but underwritten in the company’s name and in some cases may require a director’s guarantee. As with PCH you also have an option with adding maintenance onto the contract, making it a little easier to budget and save on any price increase on serviceable items. There are benefits of BCH, however with the increase in company car tax many of our customers prefer to take the allowance and opt for a PCH contract. Electric and hybrid vehicles are favourable with low co2 emissions and company car tax.
  • Personal Contract Purchase – A Hire Purchase agreement otherwise known as PCP. Available over a fixed term between 12 months - 60 months. This is available on New and Approved Used vehicles however there may be limitations if the vehicle is over the age of 5 years or has mileage in excess of 50,000. A deposit is not compulsory but will reduce the monthly payments. At the end of the term, there will be an optional final payment which you would need to clear or re-finance if you wish to own the vehicle. The amount due at the end of contract will be determined at point of order, based on the future value of the vehicle which is dependant on the annual mileage and length of the term. Early terminations, settlements and part exchanges are available on a PCP agreement, however, the monthly payments are often higher than that of a PCH due to this increased flexibility.

The Kent Vehicle Group have a unique offering. We provide our own in-house business and personal leasing packages to suit your requirements.

Maintained and non-maintained contracts are available on all of the available products. 

If you are interested in financing your purchase from The Kent Vehicle Group, you can ask any of our sales advisers for assistance. They will be happy to explain the various options available and make recommendations based on your individual requirements regardless of whether you are a new start-up business or an individual that has been refused finance in the past. You can arrange an appointment by enquiring online via the contact form on our website, or by phoning our dealership.